About Our Organization

The Gay Officer’s Action League’s New England branch, also known as New England G.O.A.L., was formed in 1991 by Officer Preston Horton of the Northampton, MA, Police Department. Now a Sargent with the M.B.T.A. Police Department, Office Horton originally worked with the New York branch of G.O.A.L., which was founded in 1982, which gave him the inspiration to form a chapter for criminal justice professionals in his community.

What began as a group of four police officers has now grown into a large and thriving social community organization comprised of members from throughout New England. Our 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt organization works hard to continue to improve conditions for our members and our communities through our educational programs and hard work.

The Goals of Our Organization

The foundation of our organization is based upon the principles of being a social and community organization comprised of present and former criminal justice, corrections, firefighting, EMS, and military personnel. It functions as a support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender sworn public safety officers as well as for civilian employees of federal, state, and local agencies.

Of course that statement in 1991 was very radical and frightened most of the people that would have been interested in such an organization. However, time proved that there were many brave heroes of our New England community that were willing to take a chance of losing everything in order to reach out to their “family.”

Some of the first meetings found only a handful of people sharing and wondering what the future would hold. Because of those few brave individuals, however, we are a thriving organization that not only offers support to our members, but also provides support and training to the entire public safety community throughout the New England area.

What Our Organization Does

How is our social community organization enacting change throughout our community? One of the ways is by providing peer support to our members. Our meetings serve as a forum so that individuals can share their knowledge and experience as well as to discover solutions to problems faced by members and agencies.

Additionally, we support all of our members that are struggling with different issues, including coming out at work. We also sponsor social events where members enjoy the camaraderie of other public safety professionals.

Board of Directors

William Collins
Darius Varmahmoodi
Thomas Selby
Karen Berube
Robert Hart
Maureen Steer
Aaron Cavanaugh


Anthony Imperioso – President
David McClelland – Vice President
Marco Perez– Secretary
Michael Cupoli – Treasurer